Happy Easter to all of my readers (which is like 2 people!).

I originally started this blog as a way for Nicholas to be able to read about how life was when he was a baby. I am failing at keeping up with it. As much as I would like to document it all, life is just moving too fast and I’d rather spend these precious few moments with him and Nadia than busy blogging.

I did manage to get Nadia into a dress yesterday for a photo shoot. It was pretty humorous. She hated the dress I made her wear, so she wore hot pink leggings underneath in rebellion. It actually turned out pretty cute. She gave me lots of fake smiles, but Nicholas didn’t even crack one smile. My little mister is so serious for the camera, but after we were done photographing, he was non-stop giggles!

Happy Easter to everyone. You probably won’t hear from me until after finals are over!


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