I have to admit, I enjoyed these two presentations more than I thought I would. I was thinking, “Teamwork? They think I don’t know about teamwork?” However, I did learn some interesting pointers, and was enlightened by the details provided in Enid’s presentation on how these pointers will apply to online learning, the SLIS program, and the specific examples she gave pertaining to working in a library setting.

In my undergrad studies, I didn’t do a lot of group work for assignments, but I have certainly experienced my fair share of teamwork in a real workplace. I am on several committees in my current job and, on a couple of the committees, I end up doing most of the planning and production of product. I ignore this conflict because ad it usually ends up being okay. As Dr. Haycock said in his presentation “you have to know if the ditch is worth dying in.” I found some of Dr. Haycock’s conflict resolution techniques to be insightful and plan on using them at work, and in the SLIS program if I need to.

I felt like both presentations were a good pep talk on the group work that is about to come to us as students in this program, and I will go into this with a better attitude knowing that I’m not the only one dreading it!

As far as the online assessments went, I feel as though I am prepared to be an online student. The assessments pointed out some areas where I will need to focus in order to be successful, such as time management and working a little harder to stay on top of the many pieces of technology involved (Blackboard, Elluminate, blogs, GoogleDocs, etc.).